Family Practice & HIV Specialist

From Primary Care Physician to specialized care for HIV & Hepatitis we provide the highest level of personalized healthcare. We accept many forms of insurance and work with patients without insurance and out-of-network on a sliding scale

  • Primary Care for the entire community on both sides Tampa Bay with compassionate care from a doctor with more than 30 years of experience.

  • Dr. Bob Wallace has the most experience in HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis of any doctor in St. Petersburg, FL and opened his first practice in 1987.

  • Our goal is to provide healthcare for patients holistic and compassionate medical care for patients with and without health insurance.


Dr. Bob Wallace

Dr. Robert Wallace, MD

Dr. Robert Wallace, MD

Dr. Bob Wallace, MD was one of the pioneers in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. When his office opened in 1987, at 2663 1st Ave. N in St. Petersburg, FL he participated in every clinical trial possible to help stop the spread of HIV. Dr. Bob made it his passion to attend every HIV conference related to the treatment of HIV/AIDS. In one trial known as FTC 303, Dr. Bob’s office had more patients enrolled in St. Petersburg than any other practice in the world.

Dr. Wallace was a lead investigator until joining Gilead Sciences in 2001. The drug he studied in clinical trail would become known as Emtriva. Emtriva is a key component of four of the once daily combination medications available today. He was the first Medical Director for the State of Florida Disease Management Program, known as Positive Healthcare from 1999-2000. He was also one of the founding board members of the organization that would come to be known as The American Academy of HIV Medicine.


Primary Care & Specialty

Since 1983 Dr. Bob Wallace, MD has been serving those living with HIV/AIDS, More recently our medical practice has specialized in the treatment and cure of Hepatitis C. Love the Golden Rule also provides primary medical care services. Best of all, we offer a friendly office staff.


Insurance plans Accepted

Florida Blue:

Blue Choice

Blue Medicare PPO and Blue Medicare Group PPO

Blue Medicare Regional PPO

Blue Options

Blue Options Health

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BCBS Federal


Pharmacy and Laboratory Love the Golden Rule Clinic

Pharmacy & Laboratory

We have an on-site lab for the convenience of our insured patients, as well as a discount lab that we use for our uninsured clients, at LTGR we offer solutions regardless of insurance status. Our specialty pharmacy also offers convenience of our clients. Patients with Hepatitis C have the benefit of our patient advocate for the pharmaceutical companies, to assist in getting Hepatitis C drugs for low to no cost.




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Medicare with AARP as supplemental



Medicaid – Clear Health Alliance, Staywell