Ever Expanding Medical Expertise on HIV and Hepatitis.

Dear Friends,

Attending the Conference known as Optimal Management of HIV and Hepatitis this weekend is one of my favorite things to do every Spring. There are usually about 300 Providers, including Pharmacists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Doctors. It’s a great review of all the conferences that occurred over the last year. The speakers are from well-known universities who do a lot of research. The speakers themselves have been involved not only in research but in the clinical care of patients with both HIV and Hepatitis. My favorite is Marion Peters, MD from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is been working and Hepatitis B for many years. I met her in 2003 while working for Gilead. We were launching a drug known as Adefovir. She was a Key Opinion Leader and a very important part of getting the information out about this new medication.

Having the chance to see friends from the last 27 years, brought me great joy. Having seen these people progress in their careers and continue to care for patients with HIV and Hepatitis is very motivating. We shared meals had a chance to catch up on what was happening in each other’s lives. Dr. Charlie Flexner, MD has attended all 27 conferences and hasn’t aged at all. He is a Pharmacologist as well, maybe he has found something to keep him young. His lectures are always very educational.

This week, there are lectures scheduled in Kissimmee, Winter Park, and Jensen Beach. I get the chance to present the data for hepatitis C to 3 different groups of Providers. This is a favorite part of my job. I’m grateful for all the opportunities to care for people and educate other Doctors.

Call for an appointment and speak friendly staff, they will guide and direct you through your medical questions. And remember:

Be Happy, Help Others

Dr. Bob

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infection

Hello and Thank You to our loyal followers.

In Seattle this week, 4000 researchers, investigators, and clinicians all come together to review the latest research on retroviruses and opportunistic infections. This conference started in the mid-1990s and has been one of my favorite conferences every year. Being here gives me the chance to keep up with the latest and greatest on research looking at possibilities of cures for HIV and Hepatitis B. There will be a lot of update on Hepatitis C and the success of the treatments that are out there currently. Having the chance to see colleagues I’ve known for nearly 30 years is also a great gift.

Love the Golden Rule Inc. continues to grow, we continue to see 7 – 10 Hepatitis C patients daily, on average were now seeing 2 – 3 HIV patients every day, and the family practice is exploding. Having a lab in-house has made a world of difference to our patients. It’s such a great convenience to be able to have your blood drawn right here in the office. We look forward to our continued growth and we look forward to our continuing support from all of you in the community. Please remember that Love the Golden Rule Inc. is a Non—Profit organization. Donations to our clinic are tax-deductible. Please talk to your friends and family, and share the work we're doing and we would greatly appreciate any and all donations.

Remember, Be Happy, Help Others.

Dr. Bob