The Clinic @ Love the Golden Rule provides specialized care to patients on a sliding scale.

Our vision is to serve our patients with the highest quality of care possible, regardless of their ability to pay. Private donations and fundraising provide the means to bridge the gap for us to provide care regardless of financial ability. Every donation directly impacts our ability to pursue that vision. Love the Golden Rule is a 501c3 organization.


Our Mission

Our mission at Love the Golden Rule is to treat our patients the way we would like to be treated – with dignity, respect and compassion. Be Happy, Help Others!

What we believe

Primary Care for the entire community on both sides of the bay with compassionate care from a doctor who has been working with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis for more than 30 years. No doctor practicing in St. Petersburg has more experience. We believe that we are all created equal in the eyes of God, and that everyone who can adopt the Golden Rule in their heart will have healthy and prosperous lives.

The Clinic @ ltgr Services

  • Services we offer, Primary Care, treatment of HIV/AIDS, treatment of Hepatitis C, Obesity, and Addiction.

  • If you don’t have insurance, or simply want to see Dr. Bob and are out of network, you can see him for your Primary Care needs for just $50 per visit.